£1000 scanner

Description and objectives

The project aims to realise a conceptual model of a £1000 scanner for use in primary care. Focussing on early diagnosis, the scanner will support the National Health Service (NHS), in one of its stated aims: the prevention of disease. The emphasis on Primary Care is designed to assist in keeping patients out of hospitals, thereby reducing the load on an overburdened infrastructure.

The conceptual model encompasses the latest research at Cranfield University, providing a competitive design for a potentially viable Product Service Systems (PSS). The NHS will be supported in developing new systems and services around the scanner to ensure best use operationally and continued reliability. To this end, the conceptual model incorporates a full maintenance study to address an on-going issue of the cost of Quality Assurance. The key focuses of the conceptual model include:

  • The conceptual modelling of a £1000 scanner for use in primary care
  • Saving the need to send patients to costly hospitalizations without medical justification
  • Proposing and assessing several alternatives for business models to be used with the scanner

The scanner model has been developed in collaboration with Prof. Daniel Steenstra and Dr. John Erkoyuncu by Technion undergraduate students, as part of a “Mini-Project in Industrial Engineering” course, supervised by Prof. Dov Dori and Sergey Bolshchikov. In this project we made extensive use of VIVID OPM – a new OPM software module that enables live animation of the conceptual model.

The “as is” Vivid Scanner model can be viewed in the following link:


This model is one of several models which were animated using Vivid OPM which can be iewed in the following links: