Cranfield University

There is a growing recognition amongst policy makers around the world that innovation is now critical for sustainable healthcare. It needs to be patient-centred, outcome-focussed and shift away from hospitals back to care in the community. That means that we need a system approach to integrate the development of products; technologies; services and organisational structures.

At Cranfield we have identified a comprehensive solution based on the theory of disruptive innovation – the Disruptive Healthcare Innovation initiative. The £1000 scanner for use in the community is our first demonstrator. We have setup a mini-site about the initiative – see

Visualisation platforms provide a powerful opportunity to draw in multi-disciplinary stakeholders including patients, clinicians and healthcare managers into the development of better healthcare products and services.

On 1st December we are formally launching the initiative and we are inviting Visionair partners, representatives from academia, fund holders, industry and healthcare providers to create a community to further develop, validate, apply, adopt and diffuse this package. To book go to and click on ‘Book your place’ on bottom of the page.
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