Support offered for visitors:

Scientific support

– Researchers, documentation, training: Researchers shall have access to the two facilities at the Technion for training and research on conceptual complex systems modeling, chemical modeling, systems biology modeling, model-based ISO standards and enterprise modeling. We shall accommodate and train researchers, provide technical support, and integrate feedbacks from users into existing applications.  Jointly with the guest scientists we shall explore remote collaboration with the guests’ site, including joint sessions using VC facilities in a variety of joint research Visualisation-related subjects.

Logistic Support

–  Accommodation, Equipment and Offices: Technion will provide on-site high level campus accommodation and involve the guests in social and touring activities. Researchers will get office space and have access to the Technion network. They will also have access to the Technion libraries and other academic and hosting services.

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WP11 presentation

Servitization of  GE Vscan pocket ultrasound for primary healthcare

Conceptual model of £1000 scanner for health care and maintenance case study


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ESML is a research infrastructures funded under the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) that provide transnational access to researchers


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