Dr. Uri Shani

Dr. Uri Shani is a Computer Science PhD, member of the IBM Haifa Research Lab since 1983. Uri has led many projects in a variety of areas in cyber space, including storage, VOIP, software engineering, distributed systems, healthcare image and information management, interactive systems and graphics, Telco BI, programming languages and systems engineering. He has worked on tools integration projects, led the IBM role as technical integrator and platform leader in SPRINT, DANSE, and currently leads the IBM team in PSYMBIOSYS H2020 project. Dr. Shani published a book and many papers in journals and conferences and holds many IBM patents in the various areas of activities. Dr. Shani has been associate lecturer in the EE and CS departments in the Technion, and is now serving as liaison for the IBM relations with the CS department in the Technion. Dr. Shani holds B.Sc. in CS from the Technion, and M.Sc. and Ph.D. in CS from the University of Rochester, NY.