i2CAT Newsletter


Nowadays, the mutual exchange of global culture occurs in various ways and very often. One of the most efficient and effective ways of achieving audio-visual collaboration among people is by the use of computer networks, especially if long distances separate them. The i2CAT Foundation has participated in a large number of national and international projects providing connectivity infrastructure, visualization facilities and computational resources with the goal of motivating the spread of cultural events in different fields such as dance or theatre. During the first semester of 2011, i2CAT has closed a national project entitled “ICT in emerging cultural industries”.  This project showed the possibilities of ICT to some people from the traditional cultural sector (Dance, Theatre, Poetry, etc.) in Spain. Concretely, a new platform was generated for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of performing arts and e-Culture. The project was focused on enabling a set of technological tools and protocols for the creation of innovative audio-visual events together with the traditional ones in the cultural sector. The project has introduced to this community concepts such as videoconferencing, real time interaction over IP networks, streaming and related issues for achieving satisfactory communication experiences. Thanks to its wide experience in events retransmission, i2CAT has recently started participating within a big consortium (Spain, Brazil, Korea, Thailand and Malaysia), interested in building cultural exchange linkage over the world. This consortium will make a great effort to expand creativity of performing arts, and to derive cultural commonality from diverse activities. Besides, it will contribute to the Future Internet by creating and operating new applications related to culture.

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