ISO/TC 184/SC 5 2012

ISO/TC 184/SC 5 2012 Annual Meeting – Technion, Haifa, Israel

General meeting information

Please see the photos on the site gallery.


Meeting location: Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Faculty of Industrial Engineering & Management, Haifa, Israel.

Dates: May 6-10, 2012.

All the meeting rooms are available from 09:00 to 17:00. Most rooms are in the Faculty and

some are close to the faculty building. Details about the rooms and their precise locations will be published later.

Coffee breaks and lunch breaks

10:30-10:45  –  Coffee, tea and cookies are provided inside or next to the rooms.

12:30-13:45  –  Lunch – There are various cafeterias in the Technion area – People from the faculty will show you the places.


The Technion has an agreement with Dan Hotels in Haifa and therefore the prices are lower compared to the other hotels on the same level.  The Dan Hotels and special rates are:

For Dan Hotel reservation, please email to and mention the name of the meeting, ISO TC 184/SC 5.

2.  The other recommended hotels are:

a) Crown Plaza –

b) Nof  –

c) Villa Carmel  –

d)  Beit Shalom – עותק שמור

All the hotels are located in Haifa Carmel Center or nearby, where most of Haifa’s best hotels are located.  To get to the Technion (10-20 minutes by a car) you have to take a taxi or a bus (no. 31).


  • The best way to get to Haifa from Ben-Gurion airport is by a train (about 40 NIS).
  • Go down at the first station in Haifa (“Hoff HaCarmel”) and take a taxi to your hotel.
  • Train time table:
  • A taxi from the airport to Haifa costs about 700NIS (not recommended), but there is a service taxi called AMAL TAXI at the airport exit which costs about  100NIS.

For additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact:

Prof. Dov Dori –

Mrs. Galina Katzev –

Mrs. Shlomit Forte –

See general information in pdf-file