Description and objectives

This project aims to create a virtual representation of the MCUK and connect it through lucid interfaces with other media cities around the world, is currently undertaken by the THINKlab prototyping team. Based on storytelling and experiencing stories, this virtual model will have a representation of all the landmark buildings at the MCUK as well as the Quays, such as the Lowry, the Imperial War Museum, the BBC building, the University of Salford MCUK building and so on, each with a story to tell. This case study will look into the impact of the virtual space on how people collaborate through experiencing these stories and interacting with them.

We have used the think-play-do zone (TPDZ) as a unique research action facility where the living lab methodology is used to examine innovation through modelling people’s collaboration during series of interactive sessions. For this purpose, the Media Sense virtual model will be tested in the Egg space to investigate how people engage, interact and collaborate whilst measuring the impact of this collaboration on innovation in the form of “outputs” of these interactive sessions. This project has made use of OPM (Object-Process-Methodology) developed at Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, to establish patterns of collaborative behaviour observed and capture users’ satisfaction with the environment.

Media City – what is it?

Video Conference summary with vice counselor of Salford University

Media City UK (Presentation)

Media City UK  – Model