OPCloud (Dori et al., 2019) is a cloud-based application that utilizes the web or cloud for creating, editing, and storing OPM models according to OPM ISO 19450:2015 developed in the Technion’s Enterprise Systems Modeling Laboratory (ESML). At its core, OPCloud is designed to support the construction of correct OPM models in a friendly, collaborative way.

It aims to produce correct-by-construction models by enabling, for example, drawing only legal links between two entities that the modeler is about to connect. Model edit operations include the layout of stateful objects and processes, routing links, cut, copy, paste and move, as well as more advanced operations, including searching for model elements, easy navigation between OPDs, dragging-and-dropping OPM things from a list onto any OPD, automatic generation of OPL – Object-Process Language (a subset of English or any other natural language) – from the graphical input, collaborative model editing through a Web browser, model sharing with transferrable editing rights, commenting, annotating specific model elements with comments, exporting the model, full control over styling, and a modern, slick graphical user interface. Another main feature of OPCloud is backward compatibility – the ability to import files from OPCAT, a previous OPM modeling software (Dori et al., 2010).

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