Past Researchers

Alon Ofir : OPCloud developer

Alon Ofir

OPCloud developer

Sharon Peled : Student position

Sharon Peled

Student position

Sharon is a student of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management.

Dr Ahmad Jbara :

Dr Ahmad Jbara

Dr Yaniv Mordechai :

Dr Yaniv Mordechai

Dr Arieh Bibliowicz :

Dr Arieh Bibliowicz

Dr Judith Somekh :

Dr Judith Somekh

Dr Alex Blekhman :

Dr Alex Blekhman

Dr Valeria Perelman :

Dr Valeria Perelman

Dr Ori Orhof :

Dr Ori Orhof

Aharon Renick : M.Sc

Aharon Renick


Sergey Bolshchikov : M.Sc

Sergey Bolshchikov


Dr. Amira Sharon :

Dr. Amira Sharon